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Empowering Your Business Journey with Comprehensive Support Services at Startright Consulting

At Startright Consulting, we understand that the success of your business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) goes beyond the initial setup. It involves ongoing support to navigate legal processes, immigration requirements, and personal matters. Explore our range of support services designed to assist you at every step of your business journey.

Tourist Visa

For individuals exploring business opportunities or attending important meetings in the UAE, obtaining a tourist visa is a crucial step. Startright Consulting simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth and timely acquisition of tourist visas for your short-term business visits.
Our Tourist Visa Services Include:
Tourist Visa

Application Assistance

Guiding you through the tourist visa application process with expert assistance.


Documentation Support

Ensuring that all necessary documents are in order for a successful visa application.


Quick Processing

Expedited processing to meet your travel timelines and business needs.

Golden Visa UAE

Golden Visa UAE

The UAE’s Golden Visa is a prestigious residency program that offers long-term residency to investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals. Startright Consulting specializes in facilitating the Golden Visa application process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of long-term residency in the UAE.
Our Golden Visa Services Include:

Eligibility Assessment

Evaluating your eligibility for the Golden Visa program based on your business and professional achievements.


Application Management

Handling the entire application process, from document submission to follow-ups with relevant authorities.


Strategic Guidance

Providing strategic guidance on investment options to enhance your chances of securing the Golden Visa.


PRO Services

Public Relations Officer (PRO) services are essential for navigating the bureaucratic landscape of the UAE. Startright Consulting offers PRO services to manage government-related processes, ensuring that your business remains compliant with local regulations.
Our PRO Services Include:
PRO Services

Government Liaison

Acting as intermediaries between your business and government entities for efficient communication.


Visa Processing

Handling visa applications, renewals, and cancellations to streamline workforce management.


Document Attestation

Authenticating and attesting documents for legal recognition in the UAE.


Will Preparation Service

Planning for the future is a responsible aspect of personal and business life. Startright Consulting offers Will Preparation Services to ensure that your assets and interests are protected, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
Our Will Preparation Services Include:

Legal Consultation

Expert advice on will preparation, taking into consideration local laws and regulations.


Document Drafting

Drafting comprehensive and legally sound wills tailored to your specific requirements.


Execution Assistance

Ensuring the proper execution and registration of your will to safeguard your legacy.

In choosing Startright Consulting for support services, you gain a partner committed to providing comprehensive solutions for your personal and business needs in the UAE. Whether it’s obtaining visas, securing long-term residency, managing government-related processes, or preparing for the future with will services, we are here to support and guide you through every step of the way.
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