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Offshore Company Formation in Sharjah: Unlock Global Possibilities

Imagine conducting international business with minimal regulations, tax optimization, and enhanced asset protection. Sharjah’s thriving economy and strategic location make it a prime destination for forming your offshore company and seizing global opportunities.

What Constitutes an Offshore Company in Sharjah?

An offshore company, also known as an International Company (IC), is a legal entity registered in Sharjah but not permitted to operate within the Emirate itself. They are designed for conducting business internationally, offering numerous advantages, including:
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100% Foreign Ownership

Sharjah allows complete foreign ownership of offshore companies, eliminating the need for a local sponsor.



Offshore companies enjoy full exemption from corporate and income taxes, maximizing your profitability.



Sharjah upholds strict privacy laws, shielding your company ownership and financial information.


Streamlined Process

Setting up an offshore company in Sharjah is a swift and straightforward process, minimizing red tape.

Structural Benefits of Establishing an Offshore Company in Sharjah

  1. Expand your reach: Access new markets and clients beyond geographical limitations.
  2. Optimize tax efficiency: Legally minimize your tax burden and boost your company’s bottom line.
  3. Protect your assets: Shield your intellectual property and investments from legal liabilities and creditors.
  4. Enhance financial flexibility: Facilitate international transactions and investments with ease.
  5. Increase credibility: Gain access to reputable international banking and financial services.

Setting Up an Offshore Company in Sharjah:
A Step-By-Step Guide


Choose your company structure

Select a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Free Zone Establishment (FZE) based on your business needs.


Pick a captivating company name

Ensure it adheres to Sharjah's naming regulations and reflects your brand identity.


Appoint a registered agent

A local agent handles legal formalities and compliance obligations.


Obtain required licenses and permits

Secure relevant licenses based on your chosen business activities.


Open a corporate bank account

Facilitate international transactions and manage finances efficiently.

Why Choose Startright Consulting as Your Partner?

At Startright Consulting, we are your trusted advisors for navigating the process of offshore company formation in Sharjah. We offer:
  1. Expert guidance: Our experienced team provides comprehensive legal and logistical support throughout the process.
  2. Streamlined solutions: We handle all documentation, registrations, and approvals, saving you time and effort.
  3. Cost-effective packages: Choose from tailor-made packages that suit your budget and business needs.
  4. Unwavering commitment: We prioritize your success and remain your long-term partner for business growth.
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PRO Services

Our Comprehensive Business Setup Services

  1. Company registration and licensing: We take care of all legalities and paperwork.
  2. Corporate bank account opening assistance: Secure access to secure financial services.
  3. Visa and immigration support: Streamline the process for employees and investors.
  4. Office space solutions: Find the perfect workspace for your offshore operations.
  5. Ongoing compliance support: Ensure your company adheres to all regulations.
Embrace the world of business possibilities with Startright Consulting. Contact us today and let us guide you towards establishing your successful offshore company in Sharjah.
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